by Purple Sage

A friend of mine went to an event recently and found the washrooms like this:


The women’s washroom has been turned into a gender neutral washroom, and a sign on the door indicates women, men and in-between. The men’s washroom remains unchanged. Note: these are not single stall washrooms, they are group washrooms.

It’s starting to become a noticeable pattern that when one washroom is made into a gender neutral one, it’s the women’s that gets converted. This means that men can go anywhere but women cannot have any space just for ourselves. If you enter an establishment and find the women’s washroom taken away, please complain to the manager and stop using the business until they provide a washroom for women. Any male allies out there? You can do the same thing. Complain to management that there should be a women’s washroom and do not give them your business until they give it back.

Women, please document this whenever it happens. Take a photo and put it on social media. We need to keep records of our spaces being taken away.

Transgender activism works to remove women’s right to safety and privacy and does not allow us to set boundaries. We need to oppose it with full force.

2 thoughts on “No space for women

  1. “Transgender activism works to remove women’s right to safety and privacy and does not allow us to set boundaries. We need to oppose it with full force.”

    Seriously, transgender activism is not trying to remove a women’s right to a safe space. All trans activists are trying to do is assure they also have a safe space to use the restroom. No trans woman is coming into the women’s room to do anything but use the restroom. Maybe insist to the manager’s that both washrooms become neutral?

  2. There is the problem, though, that men dressed as women have already violated natal women and girls in natal women’s spaces. Upskirting, flashing, and recording/video them going to the toilet and /or showering. Men wearing dresses have also been found attempting to lure children into the toilets, and an attempt at kidnapping. Then, there is the case of an attempted rape of a lady in her 70’s by a M2F trans in a public bathroom in the U.K. Just because this has happened a few times, so far, these incidents are expected to increase as more men identify as women, and also as pornography has become more violent, and more than 75% of M2F trans admit to watching violent porn. Already rape ans assault stats due to porn intake have risen at a frightening rate, and what young men are expecting in sex is extreme compared to normal social standards. Women’s rights to safety and dignity should not be sacrificed so that a few men can live out their fantasies. These men will NEVER be accepted as ‘real’ women. Women do NOT see them as actual women. That would be to deny reality. Women deserve to be free of this threat that lurks every time we need to use a bathroom.

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